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MORPHO : A Poly-Morphic Approach to Dynamic Blockchains

Strength in Numbers Foundation, the non profit digital trust started by fintech entrepreneuer David V Duccini announced that it has a reference design for a new kind of blockchain that embeds the chain schema into the chain itself and permits changes to the structures over time.

To achieve this feat, the SNF blockchain engine is being modeled on an Erlang language implementation which natively supports the ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) language.

The chain bootstraps with a basic block format that can contain instructions on subsequent block types which permits for a revision control like capability that permits the record structures to morph over time.

In addition to embedding the record structure formatting, the MORPHO chain can include code in any language, both as compiled byte codes for the BEAM engine or a JVM, as well as compressed source could be compiled locally.  Literally an API could be delivered as part of the chain in multiple languages with ALL elements digitally signed by a trusted key.

The MORPHO engine will permit both public and private execution of smart contracts with the results appended to the chain.

This work is being done to support the launch of the Silicon Prairie Online MNvest Crowdfunding portal with an express goal of putting issuers stakeholders onto private blockchains to faciliate official communications, voting and liquidity.

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