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BYOC : Bring Your Own Crowd

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


Crowdfunding is a bit of a misnomer -- it's very rare unless your campaign is showing velocity and is over 30-40% funded will unknown investors decide to toss you bags of money.

The better term is "Peerfunding" or what we call BYOC - Bring Your Own Crowd.

The most successful campaigns are "pre-funded" initially by your 3F's (Friends, Family & Fools) -- but beyond your beloved aunt bessie, you likely have a rich source of funders in your suppliers and customers! This session we'll talk about strategies for building your crowd and getting them to show up on pitch day!


6:30-7:00pm -- Overview of MNvest & the Role of Portals and current offerings

7:00-8:00pm -- BYOC Conversation

8:00-8:30pm -- Roundtable introductions and then end with open social

Wisconsin JOBS act crowdfunding pulse check

Found this link to the WI DOC:

Since 2014 there have been a total of nine (9) offerings:
2014:    2
2015:    2
2016:    5   (aug, oct, nov)

The "portal" operator filings are here:

2014:    4
2015:    1
The filings are “clickable" to get details, and other than some contact information and some acknowledgement to WI rules, there isn't a lof information...
I’m going to reach out to every one of those issuers to learn more about their raises, how it went, what worked, what didn’t and will share what I learn back with you.

This is groundwork as we prepare to engage the WI DOC on becoming an approved portal in Wisconsin (if it even works that way) in order to handle Multi-State SCOR by mid-2017




Kickoff Meetup Held on 2016.11.15

We started a new "Meetup"

Last night we had our kick off meeting at the Strength in Numbers Foundation office building conference room in St. Paul, MN.

There were seven in attendance and represented a mix of talent and interests including:

A startup planning a funding raise to for a "social selling" application

A brewing consultant who helps brewpubs architect and launch microbrew operations

A business consultant who has over 20 years of business valuation experience professionaly

One of the principals gave us an update on their plans and approval progress

The next meetup is planned for Tuesday, December 13th