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BYOC : Bring Your Own Crowd

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


Crowdfunding is a bit of a misnomer -- it's very rare unless your campaign is showing velocity and is over 30-40% funded will unknown investors decide to toss you bags of money.

The better term is "Peerfunding" or what we call BYOC - Bring Your Own Crowd.

The most successful campaigns are "pre-funded" initially by your 3F's (Friends, Family & Fools) -- but beyond your beloved aunt bessie, you likely have a rich source of funders in your suppliers and customers! This session we'll talk about strategies for building your crowd and getting them to show up on pitch day!


6:30-7:00pm -- Overview of MNvest & the Role of Portals and current offerings

7:00-8:00pm -- BYOC Conversation

8:00-8:30pm -- Roundtable introductions and then end with open social