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Wisconsin JOBS act crowdfunding pulse check

Found this link to the WI DOC:

Since 2014 there have been a total of nine (9) offerings:
2014:    2
2015:    2
2016:    5   (aug, oct, nov)

The "portal" operator filings are here:

2014:    4
2015:    1
The filings are “clickable" to get details, and other than some contact information and some acknowledgement to WI rules, there isn't a lof information...
I’m going to reach out to every one of those issuers to learn more about their raises, how it went, what worked, what didn’t and will share what I learn back with you.

This is groundwork as we prepare to engage the WI DOC on becoming an approved portal in Wisconsin (if it even works that way) in order to handle Multi-State SCOR by mid-2017




Reminder: 12/06 : Minnesota Innovates presents its 4th Annual Investment Crowdfunding Forum

Minnesota Innovates presents its 4th Annual Investment Crowdfunding Forum

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
5:30 PM to 8:00 PM


Learn the Fine Points of "How To Do It" and Meet Investment Portal Operators 

This is your chance to hear from and talk with several individuals who have been actively engaged with investment crowdfunding developments throughout the last years and who have laid and are continuing to lay foundation for the effort to be successful for both issuers and investors. Minnesota Portals facilitating debt or equity financial support from unaccredited, as well as, accredited investors by online general solicitation are now active.  On December 6th the most recent SEC and MNvest regulations will be clarified, the finacial requirements of Issuers (Company owners seeking investment) will be detailed, Minnesota Portals will showcase their operation and Issuers who have launched or are preparing to launch will describe their experience.